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Stronghold Legends Cheats

| Thursday, January 1, 2009

Easy money:
Submitted by: RM

At the start of a scenario you are required to build a stockpile
with no cost.
After you build the required granary you can delete the stockpile
for gold, then build another one for free. Repeat this for quick money.
You can use this trick to get your buildings up early.
Just use the trick, set up a market, and just buy raw materials needed
to purchase buildings and units. Note: Materials in the stockpile
disappear if you delete the building. Take advantage of pausing the game.
Defenses and units will be waiting long before the enemy has a chance
to blink.

When you are Arthur and are playing on the dragon island, put a siege
camp in your castle and make two Enchanted Orbs. Put them on the bridge
and have them attack the end of the bridge. Any enemy running across the
bridge will get killed. Be careful because this also kill your units. If
needed, have it to stop then run your army across.

Quick Weapons:
The quick way to is firstly, you must have wood coming in quickly and your
rationing must be put to double. You need your taxes at high or higher.
Then put lots of weapon makers(e.g. blacksmith, poleturner...). With a lot
of wood and gold you can get weapon fast without buying them and losing a
lot of gold.

Source : http://www.cheatbook.de/

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Stronghold Crusader Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: scott

Press [shift] on the main menu.during game press backspace and type yes and you will have unlimited gold and have 50 peasents avalible.

Submitted by: scott

press enter on the main menu and you will hear a clunck and during game press Backspace and type invincible and you will have an invincible crusader and your men will be invicible as well.

Submitted by: Maestro

At the Main Menu, press Shift + Alt + A to enable cheat mode. Now during gameplay, press any of the following:

Alt + C = All Missions
Alt + K = Free Building, No Resources Required
Alt + X = 100 Popularity and +100 Gold

Submitted by: Terry

At the main menu hold down shift and ctrl and you will hear a bell.
Then as your playing the game you will have infinate gold.

Submitted by: Fawad Hassan

In strong hold crusader you will clear all areas in very short time.
when you will clear 1nd stage then gives three chickens and play 5th stage near the victory save the game.Then uninstall the game and again install the game and run your save file of 5th stage you will watch that you will get all chickens.

Submitted by: Naum

Here are cheat codes for both the shareware and the full version:
Shareware Version:
KILLEM - kill all enemies on level
STUFF - invincibility, all weapons and keys, and a teleporter beacon
IBGOD - invincibility
LISTIT - accessories
OPEN - all keys stealth boots
MONEY - money and toughness
GOTO## - warp to level ## (32-34)
GUNS - all weapons
MOVEME# - teleport to map spot
IDDT - full map toggle (use when looking at map)
ILIVE - auto use health toggle (Same as pressing F5)
AIBRAIN - AI toggle
SPIRIT - no clipping mode
IDMYPOS - display co-ordinates
IDMUS## - chang music to track ## (01-10)
TIC - devparm Toggle

Full Version:
STONECOLD - kill all enemies on level
OMNIPOTENT - invincibility
JIMMY - all keys
DONNYTRUMP - all money and artefacts
PUMPUP - accessories
GRIPPER - stealth boots
RIFT## - warp to level ##
BOOMSTIX - all weapons
TOPO - full Map toggle (use when looking at map)
LEGO - one piece of the Sigil each time its used
SCOOT# - teleport to map spot
ELVIS - no clipping mode
GPS - display co-ordinates
DOTS - FPS Ticker
SPIN## - switch music to track ## (00-35)

Submitted by:Ben The Administrator

to stop enemys getting out of there castle for a while, place an ox tether in front of their gatehouse.

Submitted by: khalid

if u really want to get down enemy's walls quickly just click on mercenery post and produce 6 or 7 assa ssins alongwith 1 or 2 arabaian bow men and then click on both of them and then click attak here and attack any enemy building not enemy towers u will see after some time assassins will raze down the walls in seconds .it is quick than trebuchets and also quicker than catapults.try it have fun!

Crossbowmen are useful for base and offensive measures. You should build up at least fifteen Crossbowmen at the start. Buy them and place a tower near a stronghold or farm, depending on the landscape. For offensive tactics, build up at least 75-100 Crossbowmen, 2 Balista or 8 Assassins and 2 Catapults. Take out enemy tower first, then move the Baslistas and crossbowmen in for the kill. Pick off enemy troops and use Assassins to take the gate house, or have a Siege Tower so you can get on to the ramparts. Then, have your Crossbowmen shoot the Enemy Lord while only suffering minimal casualties. Note: This does not work well in multi-player games against human opponents without the support of a lot of Swordsmen. However, this is still a high risk tactic in multi-player mode as the opposing lord may wipe out your Crossbowmen. For base defense, when you have your production up and running, you need to have two to three large Siege Towers full of Crossbowmen. This tactic works very well. To get
crossbowmen recruits up and running, build one or two dairy farms. Then build three Tanners to each farm and have three or more armorers to build crossbows. Have eight or more peasants around the campfire. You should have your keep enclosed by now. If you have a money source, you can buy Crossbowmen. Have many iron mines or quarries for income. Also, you can have inns and raise taxes. You should also have gardens for the people.

Lookout towers:
Lookout towers are very useful, as they give good missile unit defense. Build an army of 20 Archers and select 5 of them. Set the game to slow speed and send the 5 archers to the tower. Quickly select another 5 Archers and send them in before the others get there. Do the same for the other 10 to get 20 archers on a small tower.

Tower-mounted Mangonels can prove to be good siege weapons. In many maps, the keeps start
in close proximity to each other. Build your walls out as far as they can go. Place round towers and lookout towers on the wall facing your opponent's castle. Fill them with Archers and Mangonels. In many cases, you can hit the enemy's walls with the Mangonels from you own.
Also, if you Archers can reach their walls, you can clear his Archers from your own walls.

Mounted Knights:
Mounted Knights are very useful for being a thorn in the enemy's side. Build 20 to 40 of them
(depending on the enemy; Rat will only need 20, but Saladin will need 40). Send them out to
destroy enemy farms and resources. Make a destructive sweep, then return to your castle.
This is quite useful for stalling enemy production.

Siege equipment on walls:
Use the following trick to get siege equipment on walls (not the mounted ones that are bought,
but the ones that you make). Build a Gatehouse connected to a wall and build stairs far away
from this. Send the equipment that you want through the gate from the outside to the inside.
As soon as they are inside the gate, shut it and they will appear on the wall heading for the stairs. Stop them where desired (but not on towers as they will disappear), then you have a nice weapon on a wall.

Stone and market:
If you have a level where you are near a lot of stone, build two to four Quarries. Then, make the same amount of Ox Tethers near them. Increase you stockpile to about six to nine. Keep working on getting stone. You will still have to work on other things to protect yourself. After a few minutes (if you do not waste any stone or use a little), you will have 500 or more stone. If you built a Market already, you can sell your stone for about 100 to 350 gold each, only letting you have a choice to make low, average, or no taxes at all.

Hold enemies captive inside their own castles:
Take a small building such as an Oxen Tether. Place one or two of them directly outside the gatehouse(s) of your enemy's castle, but make sure their keep is enclosed first.
Immediately put the Oxen Tethers to sleep. The ground troops will walk to the gatehouse to destroy them, but cannot get through. They will just walk back to their spot. Your enemy's buildings outside of the castle will spontaneously crumble because the workers cannot get back inside. Also, the gatehouse(s) that you blocked may spontaneously crumble after awhile. Soon there will be no food and the peasants will leave the castle. The small army will be trapped inside their own walls awaiting your arrival. When your army is built up, you can move over and wipe the whole castle off the map. Note: Make sure that there are no enemies outside of the castle, or else they will probably destroy your Oxen Tethers.

During the beginning of the game, if you have good open space around you Granary on an
oasis, you can build three or four Apple Orchards, two or three Dairy Farms, two Hops
Farms, then build only three Wheat Farms ( around the Granary). Then, near the Granary
where there is not an oasis space, build a Mill and two Bakeries. This will keep constant
food production; it will not run out even when you have about a 90 population limit.
Next, build one or two Breweries and one or two Inns. Also, build a Church. This will
get the population happy to about +4. Wait until you have 100 popularity then raise the
taxes to average taxes. Keep that at a constant rate and you can have a lot of gold
flowing into your keep.

Unlimited population with no need to feed:
You can avoid the hassle of having to constantly provide food and worry about population
limits by building lots of Chapels. This increases your religion happiness to about 8+
if you have enough. You also need to get a full +5 for Fear Factor. At this point you
can stop feeding them and have a huge population. You can get around 50 people to make
bows and you can set the taxes to low and still make about 120 gold per month.

Great economy:
When you first start, use all your stone to set up some defenses and build four to six
Wood Cutters Huts. Build a market as soon as possible, and buy about 150 Wood. Build
nothing but Wheat Farms in your farming area. If you have some resources nearby, such
as Rocks or Pitch, use them to get some Gold. As soon as you start to get some Wheat,
build about four to six Mills and about twenty to thirty Bakeries. Once you get enough
food, set it to Double Rations, and if you have enough gold, build a couple Chapels,
Churches, or Cathedrals. If you have all three, you will get +3 points on Religion. Buy
some Hops and build some Breweries. Place about four Inns throughout your Castle. About
halfway through this process, you should set the Tax to -4. When you are done with this
you can set the Tax to -12 or even -20, depending on the map. Make sure to keep your
defenses up. With this setup you will soon have more than 2,000 Food even with double
rations, over 20,000 gold, and a very good a stockpile.

Submitted by: Osama Magdy

When you can't make a Knight or Siege Weapon get up or get down stairs ,select the
Knight or the siege weapon with a unit which can get up stairs (Archers, Swordsmen,
Engineer etc..)then click on the stairs or the other side of stairs the Knights and
Siege Weapons will take the stairs up and down.

Great Castles:
Try to build all round towers and thick walls with crenelations. Enclose your keep by
making a square or circular castle. Do not connect your walls to the river nearby. This
will make it a more difficult castle to manage. If stray enemies break through 100 yards
away it may be difficult to send troops before farms are destroyed. For example, build
Saladin The Wise's castle. You must watch him once or twice before you can get it on
your own. It must be exactly like his to work. This castle allows for large amounts
of gold income as long as there are iron mines, stone, and farmland nearby. This setup
uses strictly Arabic units though, which is a good thing. Send Horse Archers to patrol
in front of enemy castles. They will wipe out lots of enemy archers and mounted siege
equipment. You can then use a siege tower and put your ground archers in their towers
and use ballistas to kill the remaining soldiers in the keep. Assassins will then
finish off the lord. All this depends on steady cover from horse archers. Try catching
enemy castles on fire as much as possible.

Combat ability:
Building gardens, statues, shrines, and dancing bears/maypoles that increase the Fear
Factor will raise all of your troops' Combat ability. For every +1 on Fear Factor, your
troops' Combat ability will increase by 5%. Achieving maximum Fear Factor popularity
(+5) will give your troops 25% increased combat ability. Click on any troop and notice
that there are green squares above their health bar. There is one green square for
every +1 popularity on Fear Factor. If you have bad things such as stockades and
dungeons, your Fear Factor popularity will change to negative integers and your troops'
combat ability will decline, with red squares appearing above their health.

Submitted by: Aneeq

On main menu type sound and you will hear a clunk.then during gameplay type goldness
and you will have 1000 gold

The first priority for any map is defense. If the funds are there, build 15 to 20
Archers or Crossbowmen (depending on the enemy; the Rat never uses armored troops,
so archers are good enough) and enough Lookout Towers to house them (five to a tower)
near resources that would normally be far away from the keep. Use the Gatehouse strategy
or put Pikemen at the bottom of the stairs to protect them. You only need large towers
for Ballista and Mangonels, and Lookout Towers for Archers (because of range) for castle
defense. Once your castle is well defended enough to remain unattended, build several
Trebuchets just out of range of enemy Mangonels atop their towers. Send about 10 Archers
and Crossbowmen (again depending on enemy) and 10 swordsmen per Trebuchet as protection.
From here, you can pummel the enemy walls, let them rebuild, and do it again. He will
send troops to destroy the Trebuchets, but your Archers will pick them off easily. Keep
replenishing the Trebuchets and accompanying soldiers. After a while, he will run out
of money, troops, and resources. You can then walk in the huge gap in his walls.

When attacking an enemy tower, do destroy it completely. This will allow the enemy to
rebuild one in the exact same location. To accomplish this, just attack the tower until
it turns to rubble. This will leave a useless structure in a location that cannot
longer be built on. Also, after a building is destroyed the CPU will attempt to build
another in the same exact location. Simply place a man in the area of the destroyed
building, and this will prevent that from occurring.

Conversation keys:
The following is a list of things that will be said to an enemy after the
listed key is pressed. Note: The spelling is the same way as it appears
when done in the game.

[F6]Help Help
[F7]I win you loose
[F8]Ill string you up
[F9]You Damn Fool
[F10]Mwahaha (Snort) haha
[Ctrl] + [F1]Jack o napes!
[Ctrl] + [F2]Buffoon
[Ctrl] + [F3]Straw Pole
[Ctrl] + [F4]Slubberdagollian
[Ctrl] + [F5]Dastard
[Ctrl] + [F6]Dolt
[Ctrl] + [F7]Lollard
[Ctrl] + [F8]Dotard
[Ctrl] + [F9]Weasel turd
[Ctrl] + [F10]Popinjay

It is cheaper to buy archer bows and make Archers out of your barracks than it is to
hire them from the mercenary post. They both have the same attack rate, defense rate,
movement speed, and range.

Lookout towers:
Lookout towers are very useful, as they give good missile unit defense. Build an army
of 20 Archers and select 5 of them. Set the game to slow speed and send the 5 archers
to the tower. Quickly select another 5 Archers and send them in before the others get
there. Do the same for the other 10 to get 20 archers on a small tower.

Submitted by: baber

I think in any game,mostly in multiplayer case,build 200-300 horse archers and 40-50
assassins which are availible in mercenary post.These are enough for defence as well
as offence.i mostly used them against wolf,richard,saladin and defeat them in 2 minute
or less. Enjoy and pray for me.

Source : http://www.cheatbook.de/

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Adventure Quest Cheats


Submitted by: Eoghan

i would reccemend at least level 25 for this but you could try it at a lower level
first go to the rip in the sky and find the loremaster click on the scroll furthest
away from the skull (at least i think you click on that scroll) and you should go
to a war where you fight a fire army (not the dragon just the army)click on twilly
and he will give you a weapon beat the entire army exit and then repeat thr process
P.S when you finish you get the dragon rider option in the part where you select
what armour you use in battles hope this cheat works.

Battle the inn keeper:
Go in the mouse hole by drinking the potion and then kill the monster to get to a
kitten and kill it then you will fight him.

Change name / stats down:
to change your name or put your stats down die.
then when the reeper comes up click the hourglass on the bottom of his robe he will
give you a walk around quest. on it go into the purple swirly thing.
if you are in a graveyard click the gravestone.
a guy come up and you have to lose the battle to lower your stat. if twilly comes up
then you can change your name. sometimes other stuff might come up just go along with
it and then try again.

Domain of Dead
If you die a couple of times and you see the Grim you will see a small time glass, click
on it and the grim will say you owe me some favors and then you will have to get a time
glass ten times.

Get a dragon pet ( Gaurdians Only)
Go to the guardian tower and click on the right hall. Then click on the statue of a dragon.
Then a scroll thing will appear and at the bottom of the scroll it will say "sparky" the
dragon. Click on sparky the dragon and he will join you on your quest.
(Note: Once you logoff sparky will no longer be with you)

Get Alot Of LEVELS!!!
Basicly what you do to is to start the war on DRAGONS!!!

1.Click the news button.
2.Click "Let me do it".
3.Click "TO WAR"
4.Open the chest. (now the Dragon Slayer will battle with you.
5.Battle Dragons!!!

Be at lvl 25 before doing this you will stand a better chance.

If you meet lots of monsters that have rising and lowering defense, get armor that has
levels (for example, Dracomancer). Fight the monster. Use a weapon with no special power.
Press [Attack] then wait. The defense will go to zero and remain there. This ensures a hit.
If the weapon has a special power this will not work!

Get Alot Of MONEY!!!
If you want to get alot of money, go do classes and quests. Expecally do Fighters, Rouge,
and Paladin classes.

Get horses and unicorns (Gaurdians Only)
Go to the guardian tower and click on the right hall. Click on one of the horses you see.
It will say horse riding armor, unicorn riding armor etc.

Guest Pet Moglin
To get a guest pet moglin, go to a monster hunt and click on the moglin and answer his
question with "I'm coming with you>", then just go battle someone and he will be by you
until you log off or get a new guest pet.

Item Limit Break
Do you know how to get over 99 potions? Just try hard to get in the door that the al
Bhed do not let you in. At the beginning of the game you can get in and you can get up
to 999 potions.

Mouse Hole
Go to Yulgar's Inn and click the more button & you will see two people and a shelf
with a potion click the potion and drink it & you will shrink to a size of a mouse
and go inside a mouse hole.

Pet Rock
Go to Warlic's magic shop. Click the candle in the top left and drag it to the chest and
you will get the pet rock. He does earth damage, and if you give it to Valencia, she
will give you a travel pass.

To find the secret pit go to Battleon and click around on the ground in front of
Yulgar's Inn. The crusor will change to a hand when you find it. Then just click.

Pit, Pet Bat, and Pet Rock locations
1. The pit can be located by clicking below Yulgars inn.
2. In the guardian tower armous room click on the armour in the top left corner to
receive a pet bat.
3. To receive a pet rock grab a candle in Warlics shop and move it over the chest.
On Tuesdays you can give the pet rock to Valencia for free travel passes.

Some Useful Tips/Observations
1. In the Vampire Slayer and Dragon Slayer class to get a score of 70-90 on the stat
roller wait ten seconds before rolling.
2. To get in the mouse hole click on the purple potion on the shelf.
3. To get a pet bat click on the armour in the top right hand corner in the left
room of the guardians tower.
4. To get a pet rock grab a candle in Warlics shop and move it over the treasure chest.
5. If you take the rock to Valencia you get travel passes.
6. Click under Yulgars inn to get into the pit.
7. In Bludrut keep to get from floor 1 to floor 2 click on the carpet.
To get from floor 2-3: A book in the book shelf opens the next door.
3-4: The metal grate...
8. Sir lancerler has the same face as you.

The amazing rouge
Go to news, then click rouge, once you have done that do "quests" for rouge,do to
quests until you are on rouge level 2, then go to class armor shop that is located
on the same place where you click quest just down one. Once your in the shop go to
armor and buy the rouge outfit. MAKE SURE YOU ARE A LEVEL 2 ROUGE AND YOUR REGULAR

Transportation potion (In Battaleon #30)
Go to the mage shop click were it says explore. When warlic leaves click and drag
on the back wall to a pot in this order: Magma Leaf, Memerazon kelp, salttwobb rock
into the pot and you get a teleportation potion.

Hidden hole:
At the main town, there is a hole that is hidden. Click to the left of the button
that reads "Battle Monsters". You will be asked if you want to go down. The monsters
in the hole are somewhat strong. Do not go down if you are below level 15.

First, get your Luck and Charisma to 20 or above. Then, keep going into random battles
until start a battle with a cave. Click "Befriend it". If you are lucky, you will
befriend it. If not, you will fight it.

Drakel Air Raider weapon:
After you defeat a Drakel Air Raider, click on its weapon. It does massive damage
and will stay with you until you log out.

Frogzard Sword:
Do the Frogzard Hunter Part 2. Kill is the Mother Zard and she will give you the
Frogzard Sword. The sword allows you to change into a powerful Zard and gives very
powerful earthen attacks. It will disappear when you log out.

Legendary Fighter's sword:
Keep canceling or fleeing until you reach a Legendary Fighter. If you defeat him,
click on his sword. You will get it until you log out.

Legendary Hero's sword:
Keep Fighting random fights until you run into a Legendary Hero. When you find him,
kill him and click on his sword. The sword will stay with you until you log out.

Water Plunger weapon:
Click on the rip in the sky. Then click the compass, then the lever, then the bars
between the doors. Go to the room on the left. Then go to the room on the right.
Click on the machine. Talk to Vince and say "How do I leave this Isle?". Then, say
"I want to leave now. Bye!". Then, click on the ladder and go to the door. Click
"Swirly Time", then take the plunger. It does 5 to 20 damage and has an attack
where green gloop comes out and hits three times. It will go away once you log out.

Vampire Strike:
If your character is between level 20 and 40, select "Travel Map" and go to Zorbak's
Hideout. In part two of the story, select "I Didn't Win!". After that, go to the
"Armor" button and click "VampireSlayer". Click the "Attack" button then click
"Vampire Strike".

Easy Stonewrits for the Blade Of Awe:
Go to the travel map after you log in. Go to the crossroads and click on the sign
that reads "Somewhere".
It will teleport you to an underwater battle sequence. Win all eight fights to
receive a piece of the sword. Do this to get three pieces in a row. Usually there
are only two difficult monsters to fight; a Brakel and the last opponent, who is
either a giant sea snail or a Drakel Rider. You can also gain a few levels along
the way. Make sure you bring a powerful energy weapon and a fire weapon of some kind,
or just be a level 1 Mage and use the fire attack. This is not recommended for
characters under level 30.

Go to some guardian places:
Make a rock pet. Then, go the event. Speak with Elizabeth and select the second option.
Speak with Valencia and select the fourth option. You can now go to some places such as
Yonder, Lolosia, Somewhere, Granemor and others with eight battles, and receive a
treasure chest afterwards.

Go to Crossroads:
Adventurers can go to Crossroads, and then to Lolosia and Granemor. Get a Pet Rock at
Warlic Shop (mix Sllatwob Dust, Magma Leaf and Bad Juice), and click on the "Visit
Valencia" button on the multiquest. Visit her and click on "Travel Passes", then click
on "Go Traveling" and you will be at Crossroads.

Moglia Idols:
Go to travel map, sail east, then click "Explore Paxia". Help the Moglins and complete
the quest. You can then buy an idol anytime.

Death quest:
Die ,and when you are in front of Death, click on the hourglass underneath. Death will
start talking to you. Select "Yes, I want to help you". Death send you to a dark place
to search hourglasses . Be careful of the rocks. They can give you good rewards but can
have strong enemies. Search for chests. They will give you the hourglasses. Search the
pink teleporters to have strange adventures such as Name Change, Unlucky Training,
Control Zorbak, Save Baby Moglin From Fire Creatures, Weakness Training, etc.

Special weapons:
At level 15 or higher, go to the Multiquest. Click on the girl in the black, then select
the quest for the Kayda Reaver. It is best to have a good ice weapon. If you encounter a
Drakel Air Raider or a Drakel Captain, kill them and click on their weapon before you
click "Next". Alternately, fight monsters and eventually you will encounter a Drakel
Air Raider. If you are a Fighter, the third boss is a Drakel Captain.

Make your own Fire, Wind, and Water Blade Of Awe:
You first have to be a Guardian. Look for the pieces of the blade. They are in shiny
treasure chests. You must do a lot of fighting to get shiny treasure chests. Then, go
Arys'a pet shop and click "Valencia". Visit Valencia, talk to her, and click "Blade of
Awe". She will make it. Next, go to the guardian tower and click on the first guy you see.
His name is Nimrod. Click on the button that reads "Guardian Shop" or something similar.
Also, make sure you have an extra slot in the armor location and 6,000 gold. Go to the
armor and buy the elemental fighter armor. Go into battle and take out your Blade Of
Awe and your new armor. When you click attack, a choice button will pop up. Make your
choice. Instead of earth element damage, whatever you selected will be the type of
damage it will do (for example, fire).

Good Light secondary pet:
Get to level 5 or higher and go to Darkovia Forest. Go to the Werewolf Lair. If you are
a vampire, go to the Cure and vs. Evil Eye (3), Moglin Phantom and 1,2,or 3 Vampire Slayers.
Cure yourself, then battle Chico or flee or cancel. When you are at the Werewolf Lair,
activate the curse and click on the golden wolf. Then on the top right corner, click take
the cool pet and the bright wolf will be your secondary pet. It is stronger than a dark
wolf. If you have the armor lycan, which you get from the wolf next to the bright wolf,
have a dark wolf from aria, and everything on your side will be a wolf if you equip lycan
to you.

See stats forever:
Click on the head of your character or an enemy's head until it is transparent. Click on
the head once more and hold the button down and drag the mouse away from the head. The
stats will stay there forever.

Better chance of finding good battles:
The chance of having a positive adventure when using the random battle feature is based
on the rounds won since you died. For example, if you play a few quests that are easy,
then go on random adventures there is a much greater chance of finding boxes, pieces of
the guardian blade, special events, etc.

Easy Mana Potions:
Go to the Werewolf's Lair and buy a spell named "Light of Mana". Then, click on the left
of the "Battle Monsters" button and jump down. Note: Do not this if you are below level

Make a Health Potion:
Go to Warlic's shop. Say "explore shop" to him. Grab the Magma Leaf, put it in the big
pot, then grab Frogzard Tear. Put it in the pot. Then, grab Mermazon Kelp and put it in
the pot. You will get a Health Potion.

Fast free 2 Healing Potions
Ok to get 2 Free Healing Potions.. click on Artix , Then click on Hello, Then After that
click on Heard Any Rumors, and Hunt The Seed Spitter. You should fight against a A Seed
Spitter first. then Save this Warrior... More.. More.. More... After the warrior says
HELP!!! you click on Advenge soandso and in that battle you can Flee to keep the 2 Healing
Potions for yourself.. ( If you Proceed to kill him you give 1 Potion to the Warrior).

Get the Blade Of Awe quickly:
Talk to Twilly . Click on the Frogzard hunter and do the challenge quest. After that, turn
your hair green. Then, click on the left of "Battle Monsters" and jump down. Kill fifteen
or more monsters then go back to battle on and click on "Travel Map". Then go to "The Farm".
Stay outside and wait. Skip the dialogue. Let Seahalk do whatever he wants to do. Skip the
dialogue. Battle the fruits until you find a cactus. Kill it and it will open, revealing
the Blade Of Awe. Click on it and you will have it. Note: This trick requires Guardians

Health Potions:
Use the following trick to get four easy potions-and more. Talk to Twilly and ask if he
has heard any rumors. Skip what he says and click on "Chase down that Seedspitter". Use
Salad Shooter against it and you will get potions. After that, it is Rilithia fighting a
Mawler. Defeat the Mawler then defeat Rilithia. He will take you to the treetop and give
you four potions. The defeat the Drakel or flee from the battle. Do not attempt this if
you are under level 15. You will lose one potion by giving it to Rilithia.

Submitted by: jordan hanna

When you do random battle and you run into a ferocios chrask after u kill it you will be
able to take a tusk and use it as a spear it does 5-21 and it will go when you log out.

Easy experience points:
First, get to a level where you are comfortable in killing creatures that have 500 HP with
an average damage at about 20. You will probably need to be at over level 20 and have
recommended stat training in strength and dexterity. Get a Fire elemental weapon and a
Light elemental weapon. Also, either get armor or shields that can resist Earth and
Darkness attacks. The Lycan armor and the Darkness shield work very well for this.
A Light spell (Daybreak recommended) is optional. Also get a Truffle and the dog you can
get inside the Lycan Lair in Drakiva Forest. Go to "Travel", "Drakiva Forest", and select
the third little dot from the back to town little button. It should be before Vampire E.
Click on that and skip all the dialogue. You will fight the Alpha Lycan regardless if
you are his sub-race. He has half health (about 400 to 500 HP). Use the Fire elemental
sword to kill him to get 300 gold and 500 experience points.
Then, skip all the next dialogue, You will fight a Vampire Lord (400 to 450 HP).
Use a Light sword and a Light spell. Daybreak (500 gold) does 50 to 70 damage if both
attacks hit, and only uses 50 MP. The dog in the Lycan Lair is also a Light elemental
creature. After you kill it, you will get another 300 gold and 500 experience points.
Depending on your stats (Strength, Dexterity, etc.), you can do this cycle in about
five minutes. You may also be able to do it several times before healing, which results
in 600 gold and 1,000 experience points every five minutes. Also, there are no stat
rolls or extra monsters to fight.

Defeating Forest Demon:
Buy a Blood Mage Robe or other special attack armor (not a Mage Robes). Wear it and do
not use a magic weapon. Click "Attack" and wait. When his defense is 0 it will stop.

Ballyhoo cheat (Free players only):
first go to battleon then at the right hand bottom of the screen where it says logout,
battle monsters ect. and click on upgrades and special offers. Now click on ballyhoo
and watch the advert. at the end ballyhoo gives you money it depends what level you
are on how much you get at level 39 i got 400 gold. you can only do this 3 times a day.

Headless Dragonman:
Requirements - Gaurdian, Level 35, Barbute Helm(Gaurdian Arena).
So. You put on the Barbute helm by clicking it in the Treasury in the Gaurdian Area,
first you have o defeat Frogzard Faceoff(I think) in the Gaurdian Area. Thenyou go the
the Stables and use the Black Dragon Riding Armor, put it on, then go into battle,
you'll have no head!

How to defeat "Big" Rusty Rat:
Submitted by: manuel_agdon

i recommend you being level 8,you'll need solar mega blaster(back arm),pizza
saw-ser and sling missile(back shoulder),it's is effective but you'll have a
chance to die...

Hint: Play as Zorbak:
Submitted by: connor

Tto play as zorbak purchase horse riding armor from robina hood then find a powerful
fire monster equip the horse riding armour and a shield that increases the damage you
take when you get hit by fire. when you die click on DEATH'S hourglass accept his quest
and find a purple portal. keep finding it until u find a tomb then cick on the tomb on
the right side. repeat until you get stuck down a well. then a trobble finds you then
tells his girlfriend the message then she tells zorbaks pet who then tells zorbak. He
then searches for your charictor battleing some tough enemys but zorbak has nearly
1000 hp 3 unbeatable spells and the ultimate dark weapon that hits three times.

Hint: Health Potion:
Submitted by: PaOlo d aguacito

First go to twilly the click frogzard hunter click level 3 quest you need to defeat the
mosquito then a monster will appear if you defeat it he will give you 10 health potion.

How to make a health potion and a mana potion:
Submitted by: jamie

To make a health and mana potion go to the mage shop and click explore shop and for
health put mermazon kelp,frog zard tear, and magma leaf. for mana potion drag mermazon
kelp, moglin essence and bad juice and there you go you got a couple potions.

Submitted by: Ross

If you go to ballyhoo you can get infinete gold i think. when a movie stops click return
to game and you can select watch another movie as many times as you want.

Easy Money:
Go to Vamprock Spire and skip the dialogue. When you die and resurrect, choose to
"Loot Potions". Then, battle the dragon. You will get a lot of gold and experience
points due to your level (500 gold at lower levels, and when you hit level 27 or 28
it will be 1,000 gold). Then, face your friends. When you defeat them you will get
more gold and experience points.Note: Being level 18 or above is recommended.

Easy wins:
Wait until you are level 20 and get your Dracomancer to level 5. Use Dragon Wings
to defeat most of your enemies quickly and easily.
Go to the event and at least be level 10. When you go there, a menu will appear.
Click on "Battle" and another menu will appear. If you notice that it is people,
click "Warlic". You will have to fight a C-Rex. Defeat him. Warlic will stay with
you until you log out. He does the weakness of the monsters you base. He hits at

Easy wins:
Start a character with 1000 add by email or earn money for the robe mage/pet. Chose Warlic
as Panther (note: When you log out or chose other panther/animal). Start the mage quest in
Warlic's shop. Try to get at least level 5 mage plus level 10, then buy the Truffle Pet at
the pet shop. It should do over 70 damage at level 10.

Submitted by: Jay-jay

2 classes to become are dracomancer and ninja. Dracomancer is good for dragon wings and ninja
is good for it's final attack "Ninja Death Strike" it has a 20% chance to hit criticaly and
it is element X so it dosn't matter what element the opponent is u will hurt them. the attack
hurts 3o3 with me. Can you say Awesome!

p.s. I am an awesome level 60 dude thing that can summond Divaria himself (light and dark
attacks) I have a alien pet and a fire wearwolf. I am a dracomancer, ninja, pirat all at
level ten and training to be a wizzard. Belive any of my tips I am expirienced.

Free Pet Rock at Warlock's Shop:
First, go to Warlock's (Mage Shop) Shop. Second, Click "Explore Shop". Third, Slattewob
Dust into Bowl on bottom shelf. Last, you have a Pet Rock untill you log out!

Easy Health Potions:
To get 10 Health Potions, click on Twilly, then on "The Frogzard Hunter!" and do the third part
of the quest. After you kill the mosquito and the Trog, the Trog will give you 10 Health Potions.
You can then either complete the rest of the quest using these potions, or flee from the next
battle with them..

How To Get Easy XP and Gold:
Click on the travel map. Then click on the Safiria's Plea quest. After a litte while of talking
you will fight some monster and then a Sheepyre. And then you will transform into the super
cool ninja cat and fight the werewolves and if you lose, you'll come back to Safiria. Then,
you get the chance to choose to run away or fight. If you pick run, you'll transform into
yourself back. If you chose to fight, you'll fight the unlimited enemy and then, when your
character is dead, you will come back again to Safiria.

Get Robina Hood on your team:
Go to the inn, click "The Devourer Saga" Click on "The Huntress Chase" and then pick Robina
as your team member, Now run away from a battle, and then enter another one, you'll see her
on your team.

Ultimate Dragon Cheat:
if u don’t mind working hard to beat any strong dragon than all u have to do is buy all the
version of dragon slayer armor make sure your a level 10 dragonslayer and have the dragonblade
keep on fighting dragon with each of the armor then fight any strong dragon and use the final
dragonslayer move and that’s it hahahah it 100% godd.

Dragon Blade faster:
First u go to Dragonspine maintains du not click meet lord cyrus click on the uneasy peace
between dragonslayers and dracomancers keep fighting until u found dragon blade in that quest
the rate of getting dragon blade is higher....P.S it tok me to kill 2 dragons to get it.

Good worthwhile weapons:
Chill ripper: very good ice attack and special. Bought yulgars inn.
Blade of Rennd: very powerful again water monsters can deal up to 100 dmg. Bought in kroves
port rogues shop.
Razor fan: a superb dark weapon the special can do 3 hits dealing up for 20 dmg each hit!
Bought in rogue shop in krovesport.

Submitted by: janxster

(reccommended for lvl 30) go to dracovia forest become a vampire buy vampire armour go to
nightbanes fortress get the darklaw from E and kill nightbane next go to warlics shop
(with the darklaw)and there should be a spell called darklaw fusion go on it buy it and
it will wipe out any monster you face in one move!

Easy gold and xp:
Submitted by: Jonathan Martin

Go to the rip in the sky and go to the library. Next, go to Falerin and click on 1 of his
scrolls (i cant remember which). You should be transported to carnax. Click "shoot carnax"
and shoot the places that light up. If you hit him in the right place 30 times or more youll
get a big treasure chest.

Submitted by: Dave

For easy potions go follow thses steps for lots of potions.

1. Go to battleon
2. Go to travel map
3. Go to granemor
4. Go to the house on the left ( first one ) names is boog's
5. Then talk to morgul
6. Do his quest ( Very easy )
7. Make sure to check for traps on the potion chest
8. Repeat this as many times as you want
9. If you are hurt just asg Boog to heal you( he is behind counter)
10.When you want to go to battleon again on the right of boog is a thing that says
map it is on the wall. click that then on the bottom you can go to battleon by
pressing that option.

Best placeto farm z-tokens is the cross roads and the frogzard hunt.

Funny Funny Face Changer:
Go to Isle De D'oriens then go to libary (room on left) & then click the thing that looks
like a table & then you will go into a room with someone that has a magic stick click on
the part of the stick near his hand & his face will change into your face.

Go to rip in the sky then go to the library thenn click the lantern (If you don't knoow
which lantern click all the lantern then you will find a secret room and you must be a
guardian to go in.

6000 gold in 20 minutes:
Go to lolosia and go into gibets pub. then click on the flower and take it. leave the tub
and go right and talk to sailor boon. Do the quest. I recommend u be 55 and up before u do
this quest. the treasure chest at the end gives u 4000 gold and the monsters u fite give u
lots of gold and exp too. u can do this quest repeatedly.

Submitted by: dametreuss

This is how to make your hair turn green just go to the mage shop then click explore then
grab the bad juice and drag it to the pot then grab the frogzard tear and put it in the pot
after grab the mermazon kelp and put it in the pot.

Best set up without any uber armors for lv 80-90 (guardian only):
lv 80 or up
a very high intelligence
decent charisma
lv nine bestmaster (ten is better)
at least 250k gp (maybe more or less i didn't caculate)

First, go to the guardian tower and buy megashock, megainferno, and earth fury.
Then go to warlic's shop. Buy illumanate ultra.
Then explore the shop. take the red thing, the green thing, and the rock and put it in
the bowl. U then hav a chance to teleport to talk-like-apirate day. Keep doing the
questions until u get to shop. buy riiiptide (not riptide lol) Exit talk like a pirate day
Go to travel map. travel south, then go to jagged peaks. Keep killing monsters until get to
shop. if ur lucky, there will be the spell ninjatmaddness. buy it. exit store.
Go to beast master class. buy primal garbs.
then return to battleon and go to the inn. go to palidan shop and buy heal deep wounds.
When in battle, use primal garbs, and ur best magic weapon and pet (i suggest silas staff
and nerf kitten) Then use beast mastery to summon the best guestsfor the monster ur facing
against. then switch back to guardian armor and keep using one of ur spells to kill the
monster while ur pets also kill it.
This set up is definitly the best setup for lv 80s who can't afford uber armors.

Nice weopon:
When you are a lycan you can by dual light sword that will give you health.

Old symbols:
I was fighting the snowbunny zard with a lvl 15 flogg a baby zzot elite dragon slayer armour
and the shield aegis and symbols looked pretty bad then went to normal are these the old
symbols try it.

Easy money:
Tip this only works if you are a guardian lvel 50 you get 500 gold and/or 10 tokens.

Strong battles:
Click travel map, then northeast there is a place called Keld Naer ,then you can watch the
video or skip it.then choose orcs humans and elves drakel.Then choose auger of brontus if
you want to use special powers like dragons claw.Or lavristras bow for rouges or people who
want double water attacks that do 10 to 40. then the auger has 10 to 60 damage.also for some
challenging battles you should be around lvl 30 to 100.useful attacks are like if you are a
dracomancer which i reccomend because without it took me lot longer.other useful classes are
dragonslayer and wizard which i used after i tried dracomancer.
At the end it s harder so be careful!

If you fight a Razorclaw make sure your level is at least lvl4, with a Ninja. Keep spamming
spin tactics. Then use a powerful weapon (I recommend fire, althought it causes a berserk
attack that deals 100+). Because of the 180% fire damage just try to survive. Try a super
psycho sabre lvl 50 for that (i've tried it. Just spam spin tactics).

Submitted by: donJu
Ok this is about people not getting gold. There are probably only two reasons I can think of.
I will write the questions, then the answers.
Q1) I was hacking gold and exp today and I cant get anymore. Why not?
Youve reached your cap :( You have to wait 24 hours before returning to hack the char. But
be weary, if you get caught to much, you will be thrown into C/A/T.
(A definition of C/A/T will be givin)

Q2) I was versing some really tough monsters (nightbane lv 500) and all of a sudden my char
doesnt get alot of gold. Theres this wierd clan called Cheaters/Abusers/Timewaters on my char
page. why? Basically, youve been caught hacking and have entered C/A/T -
Cheaters/Abuses/Timewasters. C/A/T Basically sucks becuase your character is stuck there for
the rest of their lives. They only get 20% of there normal gold and exp and really, you wont
be able to do as much. I would just get rid of the character and be more carfeul next time.
Note:Your exp and gold cap raises everytime you get up a level. It only raises by 5% or
something though.

Turning into the DragonMaster:
Submitted by: donJu
To turn into the DragonMaster,find a shop with the item "DragonMaster's Axe".It is a huge, black
axe with a drgon face on it.Click on the axe and at the top it will say "Now you have a chance
to turn into the DragonMaster" and if you go into battle,eventually you will turn into the
DragonMaster until you log out.

Free pet and map travel:
Go to warlics shop , click explore, mix slattwab dust, magma leaf and bad juice and you get a
pet rock. Then go to valencia the girl near the inn and click on her.Click talk privately. (or
visit grumbly).Then click travel passes and you can go on some of the locked places on the map
that are only allowed for guardians.Just go back< click travel map and you can go to granemor
or lolosia.

Get a Lot of Experience and Gold:
Make sure you a Guardian and you are level 95-140. First, go to the Guardian Tower. Go to the
teleporter (the beam of light) and go to the Void. Then you will fight many tough to kill
monsters. they have 1,000-9,000 HP, and their damage range is about 45-500. A little tip:
Watc out for the Rayfish. I fought one and he totally owned me. He will eventually change
your armor ad sheild. Those make your defense stats-like fire, earth, and darkness- go to
200%. Also,if you kill deimos, you can take his sword, the Death Shard. It does like, 60-700.

Submitted by: siyavash

Ballyhoo Free money

go to ballyhoo and click open magic chest you will get money depending on what lv u are you
can click on it depending on you level also.

grenwog team partner

youll need to go to the cuurent event which is the grenwog hunt keep fighting and collecting
eggs and then you will see a baby grenwog and a different monster.click hel baby grenwog and
fight the monster(the monster will eat your eggs when it attacks)when you beat the monster you
will collect all the eggs you lost and extras then it will sat to let the baby grenwog help
you or comtinue click let it help and then continue(it will only stay till you log out!!)

get main characters as partner(only untill you log out)

ussually there will be a war tha all the main characters will join in when you go to the
event choose who you want to fight with and start the quest and flee the you will have a
free partner until you log out.

Healed Without Wasting mana:
If You Have The Fairy God Mother Pet... Happy Mothers Day Well As I was saying If Have The
Phobos Plate And The Fairy God Mom Pet Ur Lucky. There Will B A 100% Chance She Will Ask you
to make love with her... I Meant To Heal MP and HP or to magically blast the enemy Have Fun
Making love with her.

Undead Slaying Machine:
First, buy Golden Holy Armor (Guardian only). Then, train your paladin to level 7. Next, buy
Raynar's Ultimate Blade. Also, It will help to have Artix as your partner. Then, buy a Bright
Wolf pet. Finally, when you fight the Undead, keep using Holy Light.

Ultimate Pwnage Darkness War Party:
First, go to Alanphar and take Halifax with you (Guardian Only). Then, get the shadow set or
the Obsidian Cloak (Guardian Only). Then, buy a Ninjat pet. Also, it helps to train Necromancer
to level 10. Then, use Halifax or summon a Death Dog. Now you have your ultimate Darkness army.

Easy Gold:
You just need to keep watching what ballyhoo shows you and theres the chipmunks! huge treasure
chests grants you 650 gold and are lvl 60 which give low levels a huge chance of getting some
z-tokens and there the huge treasure hoard! which gives you a whopping 1300 gold an 300 exp!
and is lvl 90 so you have atleast 90% chance to get some z-tokens as a lvl 1 lol oh and
sometimes ballyhoo also gives you free 10 z-tokens!

Easy xp and weapon:
For easy xp click on Valencia then click on visit gumbuly then clik on introduce youself then
clik more then on drackbots.You will have to kill 10 drackbots to get the weapon.Drackbot get
1000 xp.

Submitted by: Jonan

Ok,don't listen to those people that say you can get infinete amount of money by going to
Ballyhoo. You can only click on the cheast 8 times! that is the eastest way to get money.
(listen to me i have been on here longer than you have!)

Submitted by: shadow

ok whell if your a lvl 7 wizard buy inferno shock earth powere iluminate (there all spells
with a stronger version) then use divine magic then one of them and vuala it is just as
powerful as the stronger version

How to get really good energy weapon:
Submitted by: patrick alexander wood

First go to your travel map sail east and click on Mt.thrall go to pod 1 skip all the
talking and click save the future.skip the intro and click on the chest and go to battle
with Morgan and as soon as you've went to battle flee it will send you back to map and
then click on pod 2 and skip the talking and select back to battleon ta da you've got a
powerful wepon and a guest with the same weapon

Pet attack:
First if you summon pet all ready summon it anytime you wont to and it will attack but
you cant attack if you do that.

Change attack menu:
To change the color of your attack menu is very simple. All you have to do is click on
the line that leads for you'r attack manu to your char. First it shuld go silver/black,
then a brown kind and finally a wooden one. Then it'll go back to normal. Whatever you
change it to will be saved for the future log-ins unless you change it.

Trigoras the Dragon:
If you are fighting Trigoras the Dragon use the following thing:equip Raynar's superior
blade.At it's special,the blade will deal about 71 light dmg and then 414 Element X dmg.

Trigoras the Dragon II:
For this you need to have Raynar's Ultimate Blade.When you encounter Trigoras the Dragon,
equip the blade and keep atacking until it uses its special.Its special will atack
Trigoras with about 71 light dmg. and about 414 Element X dmg.+it heals you with the
amount of dmg it dealed.

Hint paladin armor:
If you get the paladin armor and attack normally it might use holy might just like
the necromancer attack except its light.

Permanent black face:
First goto warlic shop then explore the shop then mix bad juice frogzard tear and
moglin essence and then BOOOOMMM you got the black face but still temporary to get
it permanent you have to change face then click on the face button but dont click
eyes skin color and hair they will bring your face back to normal just use face.

Submitted by: zezemaoo1

Get dracomancer 2 lvl 10, then get mega dragon blade [1000] z tokens, then go to
dragonspine mountain and do the uneasy peace between the dracomancers and dragonslayers,
keep using half-dragon form, i beat it in less than an hour and im only lvl 62.

Undead Powning Time:
Put on Obsidain Armor (max out Nercomancer)

- Put on Bone Shield (it's in Obsida's store)
- Arm the Dual King Blade (need to get it from werewolfs)
- Grab Guardian Angel from the guadian tower
- Now Summon (undead mutant)

How to be a lvl. 10 fighter without being a Guardian:
You first need to go and talk to blackhawke. Then if you are a lvl 5 fighter you click
continue and go to quest. Then you take the quest to be a level 6 fighter. Then just
continue until your at lvl 10.

How to get the EGINATOR:
First keep battling monsters then you will come across a chicken it is a tough battle
use an earth weapon to do most damage when it is an egg will apear click on it and you
will get the EGINATOR!! it is a water weapon.

How to kill moglin ghosts or water monsters:
You must be at least lv 5 to do it.(if you have it leveled to 5 don't wurry about charging)
charge up to 30 then go to a under water challenge use berserk.I killed a moglin ghost in 3
turns.Hope you like my cheat.
Note: berserk will stay with you until the battle is over or if your charge goes to 20.

Fists of LEGEND:
Once you reach lvl 10 fighter, go to martial artists (on main map). Train to level 5 and
choose your style (you can change your style at any time, u just need to get the armor of
that style). If you are at least lvl 50, go to the dragon's breath style shop and get one
of the 8 martial artist fists. If you are at least lvl 70, GET THE FISTS OF LEGEND!!!
They are great earth weps (they cost 37,500) and help you regenerate sp faster if you are
a martial artist. PS, if you like dodging, choose the sneak. If you like strong attack
with low accuracy, use troll fist. If you like moderate to high multi hit attack but low
defence, choose the gogg's claw (that's the best). I forget what dragon's fist does but
i think it's lowish attack and good accuracy.

Obsidian Cloak Armor Special:
Sometimes when u fought an enemy with always Undead Mutant using it oftens still make
Undead Mutant spell by clicking only the Attack button.

Submitted by: anna bannana


Face on someone else's head:
1.go into rip in the sky
2.go to the library where the scrolls are and the man with the pointy ears
3.click near the top of the staff
4.then he looks wierd because he has your head and it is like what the hell

Neat trick:
Submitted by: paul

Once you encounter a fire orb u need to have some thing to freez him and once you do
hiz name changes to ice crystals and his stats change.

Bludrunt blade:
Submitted by: paul

Its both fire and dark element wait for it to be red it will be fire black to be
darkness it is bought in yulgars inn. lvl55+only.

Excellent dark weapon:
Submitted by: wizzrobe6689

to get a superb dark weapon go to the class armour shop (eg ninja) and get the black
axe. it has a special of about 30 and does its special alot.(note:black axe can't be
bought in all class armour shop)

Big Damage:
First you must be a level ten Wizard.
When against any monster put Wizard robes on then use Divine Magic then on your next
turn use Elemental Explosion and with me it does 200 - sometimes 550 damage.

How to get moglin twig?:
Submitted by: dagger1998

go to travel map then go to the crater. Now click on the catapult, if it is broken
fix it by clicking on it. Use arrow keys to crank it. Click test, Twig will appear.
Press fire aim it anywhere, and guide him through the air. If you mess up do it again.
When you make it all the way through click get Twig. You will need at least 300 gold
to buy him.

Secret - Asguardian PLate:
Well, the Asguardian Plate is considered an Epic Uber and really just an upgrade of the
Nemisis Plate. Unless your over level 110 then I wouldnt buy it as it only unlocks it's
full potential at level 120. You should be safe with Valhaullen as it's on par with the
other ubers and is less gld to buy.
And if your really stuck for gold, you could use one of the numerous trainers posted here.
Use ID# 621 for the best gold. (except nightbane lv 500 but your too easily caught).
If you want to playe legit then you should farm. Use Vince's maze, Fairwind Spring, Wars
or if you have DragonBlade K'eld Naer.

Submitted by: : kayle

want a horse for non guardians then get a horse at the fighting quest i got one its a
horse i got it on fighting lv.5 if your lucky you might find a free horse to get it
deafeat the lance knight and click the thanks i thing on the back of the next when you
deafeat it i hope its a great trick for you.

Secret - illusion:
Submitted by: Cheatsbook

First, go to the rip in the sky go into the library. Then click the table behind the
pool it will turn into a door next you go into the room then you will see a man with
pointy ears you see that he is holding a staff click near the top of the staff and his
face will turn into your adventurequest character's head. Hope that helped.

Black face:
Go to warlic and click explore shop, first put the frogzard tear in the mixing bowl
then put the moglin essence in, last put the bad juice in the mixing bowl then KA-BOOM!
Your face becomes black if you do want the black face after that just call back warlic
and then click change face.

Submitted by: joey

to get a powerful teamate click mt thrall then click pod 1 then skip the talking then
click relive the battle to save the future then click to battle choose any person then
flee from battle the person will be your guest (secondary pet).

Easy wyvenr knockdowns:
Submitted by: Chillaxe

1.first be at least a lvl 3 dragonslayer
2.when the wyvern jumps up and does that wing thing that does lots of damage (100-150)
Use ur aimed fang strike and 99% of the time u take him down (saves lots of hp).

Combinations in warlics shop:
Combine these in the mixing bowl in warlics shop to get:

Teleportation potion: mermazon kelp+magma leaf+slattwob dust
Pet rock - slattwob dust+bad juice+magma leaf
Health potion - mermazon kelp+magma leaf+frogzard tear
Green hair - mermazon kelp+forgzard tear+moglin essence
Backwords potion - mermazon kelp+frogzard tear+moglin essence
Mana pottion - mermazon kelp+bad juice+moglin essence
Black head - frogzard tear+moglin essence+bad juice

Easy levels and gold for level 50+ gaurdians:
1. first go to dragonbane on travel map and get dragonslayer sheild
2. get gaurdian darklaw
3. be lvl 10 dragonslayer and lvl 8 paladin
4. go into nightbanes fortress and kick some

Be a shapeshifter:
Submitted by: badboy

1.)go on the travel map
2.)sail east(--> that way)
3.)click on "shapeshifter traning"
4.)buy the spell and battle!

Submitted by: Kenna

this is a great cheat if you are level 10 Dracomaster. If you use the Half
Dragon Form while batteling a monster, later on in the battle, the Half
Dragon Spell will happen again! It will not take away any mana!
You should be level 50.

Get the pluginizer:
Go to the rip in the sky then go to the second left room.Then click on the ladder and
click enter. Vince will come out and ask you if you want to leave.Say yes and swirly
time and there you go. (you lose it after logging out) i hit a 98 with it.

1800 gold in 10 minutes:
Submitted by: Kenna

First go to the Rip in the sky and click on the 1st door on the left, (the library),
there is a wooden thing above the water, click on that and then click the 1st scroll
on the right. Click Shoot Carnax. You have to shoot him 20 times to get 425 gold, or
30 times for an even higher reward.

Decent weapon:
First you go to ballyhoo [the girl near the magic chest] choose to open the chest and
get the reward. then,borrow the axe test weapon [i dont remember what its called] and
if you use the axe in battle there is about a 30% that this will use a powerful
rangedattack which does about 2 attacks of 30 damage.

Make Yourself Black with Green Hair Permanently:
1.Explore Warlic’s Shop
2.Make the Exploding Potion
Frogzard Tear
Moglin Essence
Bad Juice
3.Make the Green Haired Potion
Mermazon Kelp
Frogzard Tear
Bad Juice
4.Call back Warlic
5.Click on Change Face
6.Buy Face*
*You can also change sex or hair style without messing it up.

Unlimited Health potions:
Buy the salad shooter spell (forgot where) and talk to twilly. sayheard any rumours?
and then it will say Hunt the seedspitter! Do it and when u fight seed spitter use
salad shooter and u will (most of the time time get health potions!

Best pets are:

Truffle - they do manny kind of elements and they do ranged.
Twig - because he can hit ice and water and i Think that he can heal.
Zaph & neely - they cause a dubble hit.
Baby void dragon - because of the element x attacks
Void drayk - Same as baby void dragon.
Pumpkin golem - because of the massive attack.
Nerfkitten - the little cat can weaken you oppents stats.

Good combo:
- get class lvl 10 for necro and paladin and get their class amors
- then,get a good dark and light wep
- most i say most will be weak to light or dark
- for necro use undead giant and mutant
- for paladin use holy light and holy might

Submitted by: Sam

To attack really fast and load screens fast, select detail as "Low" that way you
attack super fast. Even though the graphics isnt very good.

Best weapons:
fire - ReignBringer/The Liquefactor
water - Tsunami Edge/Poise
wind - 1337 Horn Of Pwnzy/arcane ancestor axe
ice -Nemesis Mace
earth - Granite Edge
energy - Lightning Rod/Mjollnir(verrrry expensive)
light - golden axe/Zombie Bane Scepter
darkness - Shadowspear

how lvl up in 1 battle (it might be gaurdian only):
Submitted by: lee

first go to the void to do that go to the gaurdian towor then go to the teleporter
first get a lot of health potions and buy lots of good spells i wud recumend lvl
50or60 keep losing until u go to night of 100 ninja thats a monster use lots of
light spells on them and ull get 45000 0r more.

Borrow a Shiny Boy Armour:
You can get this armour by going to "Paxia" and once you are on the map click the
button that says "WAR". And once you are on your destination where the robot is
firing cannons at bases. Find near the robot a standing white thing near it. And click
it, Once you've click it.... Borrow the "Shiny Boy Armour".

To pown anything weak against wind,fire,or wind,get to level 50,go to the mage shop
and buy the wind staff,then go to advanced spells in mage shop,buy cosmic blaze and
earth rage,and voila!u pown stuff lvl 60+ if u hit lotsa critical!

How to get twig as pet (Guardian only):
Submitted by: Starmon fighter

Go to the travel map, sail east, and go to the crater, there click on a catapult.
Go through cutscene, Click test, then fire.
Click anywhere to fire twig.
Do the minigame, don't let twig hit anything.
In the end, you get a REWARD SHOP, there you can buy twig, either lv. 30 or lv. 55.

Lots of Random easter eggs:
You know when you die you see death and he makes you live again if you look carefully
you can see an hour glass click on it and death sends you to this dark and spooky place
its the home of high level monsters and LOTS AND LOTS OF EASTER EGGS there are two types
of thing you can find on the floor on of them takes you to an easter egg heres a few:
you can change your name (i did this i changed my name from the destroyer to the hunter)
become Zorbak for a quest um and lots of other things this was The Hunter X-guardian
werepyre martial artist.

Killing Machine:
First, you have to do battle of the sinister seven then you complete it and get Naga's
Staff or Sila's Staff [depending on your level. Then you need level 10 beastmaster and
a good pet and you then raise you charisma skill super-high.Then you make your character
a mage high enough in levels to use empower spell and intellect boost. Then battle a
monster equip your beastmaster armor and summon to animals. Then you go into mage armor
and do armor skills and click on empower spell and intellect boost and keep useing a
powerful spell untill you run out of mana then keep using draw mana while your two
guests kill your enemy. If your pet doesnt kill the enemy by the time you have enough
mana to use your spell use the spell.

Vampire/Werepyre killing team:
First go to Drakovia. Then go to the battle grounds. Skip the talking and say battle.
Then say invite the were king. Exit and go to the pet shop and buy a fuzzle. Buy a
fearsome dual light sword in darkovia. Then go to Yuglar's inn and buy a psycho blade.
Then buy a darkovian tent. Go to your land and clear the trees. You can keep trying to
get werepyres and vampires. Switch to fire for werepyres and light for vampires. Don't
worry the were king will switch powers as well. If it isn't a werepyre or vampire his
power will be earth.

This cheat should be used when you want to die slowly or gain a little bit of experience.
Go and talk to Twilly and go left of the body and the mouse will turn into a pointing hand.
Click on it and there will be a pit were you battle level 10 - 40 monsters and mostly level
20 monsters. But you cant flee if you battle but the monsters will be worth a lot of gold
and experience. When you die, there will be a skull and he will say something and then you
can go back and like the reaper stuff you can go back and do the hole thing again!

Become the richest player in AdventureQuest:
First, go to the crack in the sky then go to the second door on the left of the screen.
Click the big robot that's leaning against the wall. A guy named Vince will come up,
click him and then press "What is that machine?" You don't have to read what he says,
but click "I will help you". Then skip all the talking and click "Shrink Me". When you're
shrunk you have to go through the maze and find the pink globe like thing. When you find
it, at the end you will get 1600 gold and I think 110 XP. Repeat it as many time's as you
want. In about 9 minutes you can get more then 4800 gold. In one hour you can have the
tripple, and in 1 day you can become one of the richest players in AdventureQuest!

Teleport Spell:
If u Make the teleport spell:

-Mermazon Kelp
-Slattwob dust
-Magma Leaf
You go to either the pirate Quiz show or the Triple Challenge. If u win the Pirate
Challenge you will be able to buy all pirate stuff half price. If you win the Triple
challenge u will get a money reward (depends on the level of the monster you fight).

At the mogbuster area thingy. Do what they say with out help and you will need defeat all
monsters tht stand in your way. You will get a reward from the monkey things that is:
-A sord of some sort.
-And a Tasty Money Reward Aroud 4000.

Get Gold:
This are tips on how to complete the Vince,Shoot Carnax and Gecko Quest.

Go to Rip in the sky in the Boiler Room Touch a machine and vince will jump out, click
on vince and talk about the Machine Thing and help him.The Parts for the Maze are actually
simple,it only appear on Top Left,Top Right,Bottom Left and Bottom Right of the screen, do
not bump into the rats nor the wall finding could be tough but it has good money.

-=Shoot Carnax=-
Go to Rip in the sky in the library click the tingy above the stairs and click the middle
scroll and click 'Shoot Carnax' Ok,instead of clicking the spot ONCE which has white
flashes click the spot MULTIPLE TIMES!

-=Kill Varnax the Spider King=-
One of the first job and i liked most is the WIZARD Job.Just Click on Warlic and train
as a mage(at least level 5)then go train as a wizard.Master ur Wizard Skills and Request
A Challenge upon the 'The Spider King'.

-=Invincible Monster in BattleOn=-
Ok,if u want to See a monster which is indefeatable in BattleOn i got just the one which
i can find...WolfWing,First click on the travel map and go to Darkvoia,Go to 'The Secret
and fight ur way through the two mysterious monsters and once u are there, Just Click
"BATTLE WOLFWING(Level 400)" and behold the stupid Unfallable Hairy Beast.

Strongest armor:
One of the strongest armors are dragonslayer armors. You have to ba a guadian and be a lvl.
10 dragonslayer. Then use the call forth the fire dragon skill. It can damage 500-1300 and
even more damage to Dragons.

Easy wind weapon:
Get level 10 fighter and then go again on another mission af ter u have 10 fighter then
during the fighting mission ull see ppl kill them until u get to the last one for him hes
blue with an axe kill him then before you click continue hell say something so click his
axe it will dissapear and poof u will have his axe.

HOW TO DEFEAT OVER 1000hp MONSTERS(Guardian only):
Submitted by: Garwin Wong

First you must go to travel map click down and go to keld naer. Then press drakel civil war.
Then skip then to battle and join the Union of humans, Elves, Orc's and Drakel. Then fight
the Drakel power league. Click Warlic to help you. flee the battle.Make sure you have good
weapons and spells from the guardian shop. The blade of awe will help. Make sure that you're
a necromancer so you can use high attacks. Note always have a good pet as they can help you
very much. Next is go to the monster that you want to fight and you'll have tons of help.
Hope this cheat helped.

Beating Yulgar:
Ethier be a level 5-10 berserker then go to the 3rd room to the right in the inn. Drink the
potion and then battle all the monsters then u come 2 giant shoes (yulgar). I think he has
2308 health.So if ure lvl 70+ use ancestor spirits or just get it at berserker class if your
level 50+ use berserk. I would use dragon kings heavy axe z. Make sure u dont turn into
dragon king with the axe. Level 50+ u will do 200 dmg 2 299dmg if u r lvl 70+ u do 300 dmg
2 400 dmg if u r like me lvl 130 ull do 600 to 800 and i use dragon kings battle axe z or
i u have the blade of awe use that against yulgar and when u summon death u do 1000 dmg 2
3000 dmg or with guardian dragon 800 dmg 2 1000 dmg.here is another way use sea slayer and
keep using it cuz of the special.

Submitted by:royston

Sorry for that im tell ing one best spell i earth rage powerful on earth 2. go to frogzard
hunter do quest two till fight motherzard after killed her then get a powerful sword 3.buy
lycan and use it in drak places 4.its best to buy ninja thing 5.if you have alot of z tokens
watse it coruse all things form z tokens are rare really rare.

Source : http://www.cheatbook.de/

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Boxhead - 2Play Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: scouse

Enter "raggal" as ur high score.

Submitted by. David K.

Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade! The weapons get better and better as you
earn more, so be sure and keep that multiplier up.

Be sure and take care of the Box Devils as soon as possible. They
can only shoot energy balls at you while you're not shoothing them.

Play on Cooperative Mode. Twice the firepower!

Explosives can be your greatest friend as well as your worst enemy.
Don't get too giddy with that Rocket Launcher, the splash damage can
seriously put a kink in your zombie killing plans.

Submitted by: dylan T

Use nightmare mode instead of beginner, intermediate, or expert.
You start with a ton of weapons.

Submitted by: Alex

1.Block off the entrances with barrels and fake walls
the demons will blow up the barrels but it will still affect the zombies.

2.Use your Uzi a lot! it helps with demons and big crowds of zombies same
with grenades!!!

3.Fake walls are only in certain versions of box head but if you are playing 2
player and the person you are playing with is a noob use fake walls to protect them.

4.Get boxes of ammo even when the gun you are using
is full but some of your other guns might be empty or low on ammo.

5.always pick boxy rooms or very small rooms becuase the zombies wil travel a lot
slower becuase it is very hard to get threw for them.

Submitted by: Fred

Whenever you get a highscore of 100,000,000 or more type in exactly this "Lobbsters" and your score will double from your previous score. Enjoy!

source : http://www.cheatbook.de/

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Age of Mythology - The Titans Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Update by: Rabi Shekhar Dash
Update by: dan
Update by: Ruppi Anmol
Update by: Gaurav Kumar Meena
Update by: Gaurav Dahale
Update by: mikey

During gameplay press ENTER then enter a cheat below. Press ENTER again to activate:
Note: Codes are case sensitive

Code Result
ATLANTIS REBORN - You will get army of 4 heroes.
IN DARKEST NIGHT - Nighttime Mode
SET ASCENDANT - Show All Animals
WRATH OF THE GODS - New God Powers
PANDORAS BOX - New God Power
JUNK FOOD NIGHT - Get 1000 Food
ATM OF EREBUS - Get 1000 Gold
L33T SUPA H4X0R - Fast Build
O CANADA - Laser bear
WUV WOO - Gives a Flying purple hippo
MR. MONDAY - AI Handicap
LETS GO! NOW! - Faster Gameplay
JUNK FOOD NIGHT - Get 100 Food
ATM OF EREBUS - Get 1000 Gold
ZENOS PARADOX - New random God and Titan powers
TITANOMACHY - Instant Titan
RESET BUTTON - Use the deconstruction in all buildings and
units except settlement for all players
TINFOIL HAT - Random unit ownership

Change direction of buildings:
While placing a building if you want to change the direction that it is facing
(like in the campaign), use the following trick. First, bring up the building
place thing that shows where you can place a building, etc. When you have found
where you want to place it, hold [Shift] and rotate the mouse wheel up or down
to rotate the building.

Many Titans:
To get two Titans, build a Titan Gate. Before you complete it, enable the
TITANOMACHY code. Then, complete the Titan Gate. Repeat this as much as
desired to get any number of Titans.

Easy win:
Use the following trick for an easy victory on any random map and some campaign maps.
Enable the PANDORAS BOX code random god power until you get a Plenty Vault.Then
enable the DIVINE INTERVENTION code until you have four or five. If you have not
already done so, enable the L33T SUPA H4X0R code to accelerate building construction
and unit production. Use some villagers or Ulfarsks to build a military production
building (i.e. barracks); then select a desired unit for production and choose the
"Repeat" button. This will pump your enemy's base full of your units continuously
and ensure a complete victory.

Killing Cerebus:
On the level where you have to kill Cerebus, in order to protect the Son Of Osiris
train at least 30 Priests to defend him.

Avoiding Kronis:
On the last level when you have all of the four summoning trees, do not attack the
enemies base or Kronos will come from the Tartauras gate and destroy your empire.
Kronos cannot be defeated by anyone except Gia.

Training Rocs:
On the level where the Promeatheus Titan comes, after you have defended your base
for the time limit, the Titan will attack you. You must train 3 Rocs and send them
to Kastor's base. It is better to train them at the start of the level.

Boats on land:
Get the Implode God power. You can get this by being Atlantean and worshipping Atlas;
or by using the "ZENOS PARADOX" code. Next, get some boats and bring them as close to
the shore as possible. Then, cast Implode just barely in range of the boats. This may
Easier tipe in
instead of tiping the cheat over and over again, you can highlight the cheat the press
CTRL-C then enter. press enter again then press CTRL-V and the cheat comes up that you
highlighted require a few attempts; enable the "DIVINE INTERVENTION" code until done
correctly. The orb will suck them in. When the orb explodes, they will fly through the
air and land on the ground. Note: You cannot move them at all.

Save space with more resources:
Once the "DIVINE INTERVENTION" code is enabled to get multiple Plenty Vaults or Dwarven
Gold Mines, you can use [Pause Break] to pause game play. Then, all the Plenty Vaults
or Gold Mines can be put one over the other. Many Plenty Vaults at the same location
will give an enormous gain of space, and give the same amount of resources. Many Gold
Mines can be placed like a linked barrier to stop enemies. Many Gaia Forests can be
put around a Titan once the game is paused to stop him from moving for the entire
scenario, which gives you the freedom to attack whenever one is completely ready.
Note: Once the game is resumed, more Plenty Vaults cannot be put at the same location
again. Also, the Invoked god power is not visible until the game is resumed.

Powerful human soldiers:
Use the following trick on any random map and some campaign maps to increase the attack
power of your hero's and human soldiers. Enable the PANDORAS BOX until you get Flaming
Weapons. Then, enable the DIVINE INTERVENTION code about fifty times. If you have not
already done so, use the Flaming Weapons power on your human soldiers for fifty times
continuously .This will increase the attack power of any human or hero. For example if
your hero's attack power is 15 when you enable Flaming Arrow once his attack power will
be 22, which is 15 + 7. When you do this fifty times his attack strength will be 15 +
(50 * 7) - 7. The -7 is due to the fact that when the timer of Flaming Weapons expires
it reduces it by 7. By using the Flaming Weapons more than 100 times, it is easy to
defeat any Titan in the game. Note: Make sure that you use all the fifty Flaming Weapons
power before the first Flaming Weapons power timer expires. If you want to use it further,
wait until all timers expire and repeat the trick. Myth units are not affected by this

How to Beat Odins Tower:
Well to kill odins tower in age of mythology the titans first you but a military! do
not build cits just make your villagers grater food and gold and make a military as
fast as possible because in like 2mins the norce will cast a forest fire power and
then they attack you. So after you kill the attack build a place ( were you train
destroyers) build at least 7 destroyers and make them heroes. then build some Calvary
(like 10 or 12) FROM THE BARRACKS ONLY and also train some infantry (like 10 or 12).
then kill the hill forts deconstruct the hill fort closest to you then kill the other
hill fort with your hero destroyers but prepare for the norce to attack your destroyers
so surround them with your other units. next attack there base instantly do not hesitate.
use your destroyers to kill the towers and the town center and your other units to kill
the enemy units. after the bace is killed then you need to replace the 3 temples with
your temples. first you deconstruct the 1st temple ( the one closet to you) and build
4 temples at your main base and send one temple were you deconstructed the other one.
now you need to kill the other 2 temples well wait for the deconstruct to cool down
and wile you wait get the relic that lets you build a Pegasus at your temple then
expand thro the old dead norce base and near the dead hill forts.\( don't worry you
cant get attacked your surrounded by mountains) then do the same that you did to the
1st temple. now you need that Pegasus to go near the wonder *try to sneak it from
behind there base* then use vortex to transport your army and now you got that
deconstruct wonder power so use that and you won!

Strategy Of Buildings:
Now, to use the ultimate strategy, you should put walls around your settlement right
after you are done advancing in the ages (use the cheat for building fast) and make
it big enough that you will be able to build multiples of the buildings you already
made in the beginning. That way, you will be able to outlast a siege for a little
time while you build your army. Put your army off in 4 groups; one in each cardinal
direction, and then make them bigger and bigger as you get better units.

Use The Norse:
The ulfsfarks (of whatever they're called) are awesome. You can make a huge group
of them and go crusading and build all of the settlements. This way you can use
them to defend the newly-built settlements. Then build mini-villages around them
and attack the enemy! Another thing great about the norse is Hel's godpower, the
nidhogg, ofr dragon. Make sure to get Hel! Do all of this right away and you will
succeed in all of the things that you may encounter in the game.

Submitted by: cameron martinez

Almost invincible army-do the pandoras box cheat until you get the nidhog power then
pause the game and enter the devine intervention cheat about 20 times next unpause
the game and invoke the nidhog power until you cant anymore then just go and defeat
your enemys from the air.

Source : http://www.cheatbook.de/

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Madagascar:Escape 2 Africa (2008)

| Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rarely have I seen animated family sequel movie that's as good or better than its predecessor but speaking as a movie freak who didn't like the first installment, I gotta say I'm very much entertained by MADAGASCAR: ESCAPE 2 Africa and it way funnier than the original movie. Dreamworks has a habit of doing this… what it lacks in its story and overall animation (Pixar still rules in those departments!) it makes up for it in its sense of humor. This is the movie that every age can enjoy and it has only a very, very few silly, lame moments but for the most part, you just got to move it, move it! The whole team is back, it doesn't take long for you to remember what each character is all about, there's no need for re-introduction but there is a bunch of new characters thrown in to the den without having to take us in unnecessary complication of having to understand what they are. The concept is simple and the jokes are funny. Here you see all the characters stranded in Africa and meet a their own kind. It's the freedom they've always wanted but don't really want at the same time. They have trouble fitting in and getting in touch with their heritage, all the while friendship and feelings are being put to the test resulting in an exciting adventure at the end that brings them closer together again. Kids will love it, Parents will be glad about it, and the rest of us will find it to be very amusing.

Movie Trailer :

Download :


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GameGain v2.9.1.2008


The all-new GameGain 2 sets the standard for PC optimizing software. One of the first products to enhance gaming, it increases overall speed and squeezes out every last bit of performance your computer is capable of. Very easy to use, fully compliant with all versions of Microsoft Windows and adjusts itself to your computer specifications. Take your existing PC and revitalize it the easy way to run games faster. Bring your gaming to an all new level.

Makes direct changes to system registry and system files to enhance memory, screen drawing, animations, refresh rates, cpu threading speeds.
Automatically adjusts settings and changes made based on computer specifications, complete fault tolerance system implemented.
Proven technology which can double the frames per second rate in games such as id Software's DOOM 3 and similar shooters.
Deep system analyzer and diagnostic features which attempt to find and repair any potential problems with the computer affecting its performance.

Advanced software based over-clocking features to enhance memory and cpu priorities.
Easy and intuitive user interface which performs all setting changes immediately.
Try before you buy licensing with FREE lifetime upgrades and quality technical support.
GameGain System Requirements
Microsoft : Windows 2000, 2003, 95, 98, Me, NT, Vista, XP
Intel : Pentium (or compatible) 90 MHz or higher processor
16 MB of computer memory or higher recommended
PC Mouse or other pointing type device
Microsoft : Internet Explorer 4 or higher installed

Download :


Password :

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